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Tuesday, October 04 2016

“What do you want to be… when you die?”

Dr. John Kinney


Good morning, friends!  You know I’m asking for grace today.  I was at a conference yesterday and the weekend was not a time for thinking, so this is a Tuesday message.  I hope it is still on time for you.  Let’s get to it!


Dr. Kinney was a speaker at the conference I attended yesterday and boy did he pack a wallop!  He was a powerful speaker and I left with many quotes, none more impactful than the one I share.  What do you want to be when you die?


My children are at an enviable age of being able to dream of what they want to be when they grow up.  We all had that age and I want to affirm to you that there is still time in your life to dream, become and achieve.  But for most of us a new time has arrived to consider how we will finish this race called life.  I’m not suggesting morbid thinking, but rather honest thinking about the end game.


A sad reality is that most of us spend most of our lives chasing things that truly don’t matter.  Bigger, better, faster, more… these are diseases we battle in life.  The things of most value to our lives are not things, have no way to value, and are accessible and available to everyone.  And yet in the pursuit of our diseases we devalue the better possibilities day after day, sometimes until all days are gone.  So what do you want to be when you die?


Do you want to be the person with the biggest house?  Or the most expensive car?  Or the best vacation home?  Or the most toys?  Or the biggest accounts?  Of all the funerals I’ve officiated these are the most uncomfortable and depressing.  Might I suggest being the most loving, or the most forgiving, or the most joyful, or the most peaceful, or the most helpful?  These funerals are frankly the saddest because the living realize the tremendous loss.  Persons who pursue this path not only die the best but live the best, too.  What do you want to be when you die?  I pray we all make wise decisions and decide to pursue the things with no discernable value.  Have a wonderful week, friends, and thanks again for the grace.


Matthew 19:16-22

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