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Tuesday, May 31 2016

In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt


Good morning, friends!  I hope you are full of grace this morning.  I wanted to connect yesterday (Memorial Monday) but my technology at home is not the same as at work so I yielded to today.  Grace, please.


In honor of Memorial Day I chose this quote from President Roosevelt, the second.  Enough words were shared over the weekend of the importance and meaning of Memorial Day.  My intention with this quote is to think about the connection of the quote to the rest of our lives.


Freedom, as we all know, is not a “thing” but an idea, a concept, a belief.  When we fail to commit to the idea of freedom the risk of losing it is far too great.  But so too is the experience of the best and most important realities of life.  Is not love an idea rather than a thing?  Is not health an idea rather than a thing?  Is not joy and happiness an idea rather than a thing?  Are not relationships ideas rather than things?  Is not peace an idea rather than a thing?  You get where I’m going?  The best and most important things in your life are ideas, concepts, beliefs, not things.  Let’s leave aside for today the overwhelming addition we have for chasing things; let’s consider our commitment to the better ideas of our lives.


In our desire to acquire we look for ways to acquire the achievement of these better ideas and we are disappointed.  No matter how hard you try to collect these higher ideas they are not tokens.  So how can you achieve these better ideas as realities in your life?  I know no other way than to commit to “being”: be love, be healthy, be joyful and happy, be relatable, be peaceful.  As you commit to being the better ideas your personal atmosphere will begin to reflect the very ideas your espouse.  It will always be a fragile atmosphere, though.  Its strength will be your commitment to it, just like freedom. 


What will you espouse to be today that is a better idea?  What fragile desire will you commit to today?  How will you be the you that you desire?  Whatever your step, I encourage you to commit.  It may be the best decision of your year, so do it!  And have a great week!


Luke 10:29-37


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