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Monday, May 09 2016

“Be kind because everybody is fighting a huge battle.”

Philo of Alexandria.


Good morning, friends!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend; I sure did.  Or at least I made the best I could of it.  That’s a worthy goal.


Yesterday while running a few errands I listened to a podcast of “On Being” by Krista Tippett.  She is the host of this wonderful podcast but yesterday she was the guest, discussing her own book while being interviewed by a famous author.  And during the interview she shared today’s quote and I was mesmerized.


So much of my own life is a focus on and reaction to my own battles.  “To do” lists, stress, emotional experiences, disappointments, elations… all these efforts and more are simply reflections of the fact that my life (yours, too, perhaps?) is an ongoing series of battles.  And occasionally a battle gets large.  So easy it is to focus inwardly and keep my eyes on the bumpy road of life I travel.  Do you ever feel like you are constantly focused on the stream of battles you face?


Ministry and life have each taught me that it doesn’t take much to get a person talking about the challenges they face.  A simple opening will typically evidence a deluge of challenges.  Apparently we are all facing challenges.  So how do we live as common strugglers in this challenging world?  The only reasonable and intelligent option is to be kind, to love, to see each other through eyes of grace and mercy.  Surely that’s how we want other persons to see us, isn’t it?


Most of us want to make our way through life with ever growing peace but an inward focus will never get us to the peace we seek.  How we relate to other persons, especially the mass of casual interactions of everyday, will have much to do with our peace.  So be kind to everyone you meet or encounter.  Show love when you have the chance.  Forgive the small slights that come your way.  You may feel at first like you’re doing some incredible good for other persons with these actions but in time you will learn that the greatest good you are doing is for yourself.  Give it a try, and be blessed!  Have a great week!


Luke 6:27-36

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