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Monday, May 02 2016


“I forgive you.  Now you forgive yourself.”

A friend

 Good morning, friends.  Have you washed away?  I think I saw Noah’s ark this morning.  Strange day indeed.

 Have you ever been hit between the eyes by a comment?  I’m not talking about political punditry or silly banter.  I mean the genuine comments between honest people.  Has one of those comments ever hit you right between the eyes?

 I won’t go into the sordid details but last night I encountered a friend who I felt I had wronged.  I stumbled and stammered to express my apology when my friend stopped me cold to express today’s quote.  He could see the burden I was carrying for my guilt and shame and that whatever wrong I sensed I had done to him had multiplied into a heavy load of negativity on my back.  As the bigger person he implored me to drop the load I carried.  It was a powerful moment.

 I wonder… are you carrying any loads of guilt or shame or self-recrimination?  Too often the hardest and last person we forgive is oneself, yet only we pay for our lack of forgiveness.  I was blessed by my friend’s generosity of spirit but how much more healthy would my life have been in the past few months if I had shown generosity of spirit to myself?  How about you?  Could you use a bit of generosity of spirit to yourself?  I’ll bet you can.

 Forgiving self isn’t to redefine right and wrong; it is to admit to self if wrong was done and to relieve oneself by forgiveness of the burden of guilt and shame.  Could you use a bit less burden carrying in your life?  I think we all can.  Give it a try… forgive yourself.  Everyone else who matters to you already has.  And have a great week.

 Matthew 6:12

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