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Saturday, April 16 2016

“See you tomorrow.”


Good afternoon, friends!  I apologize for missing last week’s Encouraging Word.  I was experiencing a health challenge and was fully incapable of coherent communication.  I decided to not catch up later in the week and for the record that is the policy: Mondays in all cases, unless an ordinary experience delays until Tuesday, but never beyond that.  So far so good, and we’re back to business this week.  Halleluiah! 

It’s not arrogance that brings me to quote myself this week; it’s awareness.  Two Thursdays ago (April 7) I left the office and offered a version of these words to the church secretary.  Every day I say I’ll see her at the next appointed time be it “tomorrow” or “Monday”.  Only this time I didn’t.  The health scare I experienced caused me to not see her on time; it came home to me when I returned to work last week.  The next appointed time isn’t guaranteed to any of us, nor is it controlled by any of us.

 My thought today isn’t morbid or fatalistic.  I’m simply reminded that time is a precious commodity.  Whether it’s watching our kids age, or experiencing declining health, or rolling with the milestones of life, opportunities are fleeting.  We have the blessing of today, or perhaps just this moment, and little more.  Many smart thinkers have concluded that there is no reality except this moment.  What matters to you in this moment you have?

 Sad to say few of us are investing, in this moment, in the things that matter most to us.  I encourage you to be the better difference.  Consider what matters to you; you’ll get no judgement from me regardless what it is.  Whatever it is, invest yourself in your interest.  Don’t neglect what you must do, but with the time you have left over do what you value.  If it is love, then love.  If it is fun, then enjoy.  If it is friends, then embrace.  Whatever it is, do it.  The appointed time is now.  You are the appointed person.  I plan to; will you?  I hope you will.  And have a great week.

Matthew 6:11

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