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Monday, April 25 2016

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  “Stop looking for the next thing and be happy with the here and now.”

Buddhist monk, Kathmandu’s Kopan Monastery

Greetings, friends!  I hope you had as productive and beautiful a weekend as I did.  The struggles of two weeks ago seem like a lifetime ago now.  I pray such resurrection feelings for you, too.

 I came across this quote in a National Geographic article by a travel writer visiting Nepal.  Attracted as I am to traveling I read with gusto but was stopped in my tracks by this monk’s quote.  It seems the writer was greatly stressed because she had landed in Nepal with no luggage; all her plans for safety, health, cleanliness, attractiveness and such were gone thanks to the airline.  She began her visit empty handed and with thoughts of corrections on the fly.  Then she encountered the monk.

 My encounter with the article and the quote was transformative.  If you are a faithful reader of these e-mails you know I ride the line between peace in the moment and productive movement towards the future.  This quote didn’t hit me on that line; I’ve been hit in my thoughts about relationships, and parenting, and possessions, and activities.  Am I missing the value right in front of me because of my desire for something greater tomorrow?  Ouch.

 I planted my garden this weekend and was fully conscious of this quote.  I plant many things but my primary interest is my season of fresh tomatoes.  I’m addicted to fresh BLT’s.  Yet as I prepared the ground and planted my veggies I paid attention to my mind.  Was I valuing the experience of preparation?  Was I enjoying the blessing of being in nature?  Was I appreciating the gift of health to create?  Or was I missing it all, fully thinking about the possible tomato in the future?

 We all will have experiences today; where is your mind?  Are you mining for the gold of the moment or are you risking it all on the roulette wheel of life?  I encourage you to see the good that is with you.  Give yourself over to the blessings around you.  Allow yourself to experience the gift that the moment is.  And feel peace.  I cannot encourage you stronger.  I pray you will try, and if so I know you will be blessed.  Have a wonderful week.

 John 14:27

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