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Monday, April 04 2016
“Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.”


 Good morning friends!  I hope you have started this beautiful day in style and energy.  Let’s get down to the point.

 Books and movies that shift time effectively have always had a big audience.  I have enjoyed more than my share.  The ability to allow the mind to leave the present moment can be an enjoyable experience.  But not when we need to be productive or present.

While the Buddha is more quotable and memorable than me I’d nuance his thought to say we are born again, metaphorically speaking, every moment.  Every single moment we have the opportunity to embrace productivity and effectiveness anew.  The reasons are plenty we are not effectively productive but the opportunities exist every moment.  Are you being effective these days, today, this moment?  Why, or why not?

One method to help me achieve more of what I want to achieve in the moment is called the 2-minute drill.  When I feel overwhelmed, or inundated, or unmotivated I pause to take a “brain dump”.  I make a full list of every single little thing I need or want to accomplish at this moment.  Whatever effort is riding on my mind, no matter how big or small, if it’s weighing on my mind, it goes on the list.  What comes next is the important thing.

I take the list and divide it into two lists: what are the items that I can accomplish each individually in two minutes or less, and what items are not of the two minute ability.  Calls, contacts, e-mails, sorts, finds, confirmations, trash, these sorts of things are typically two minute items.  With the two minute list in hand I start to work on those items, checking them off in rapid fire.  Pretty soon my mind feels much less burdened by the smidgeons and I can focus on the smaller list of bigger things.  And I feel born again in the moment.


There are plenty of strategies to get us back in the moment, to help us kick start effectiveness and help us move forward.  Whatever you do remember that every moment is a new opportunity to kick start your day, and what you accomplish is up to you.  What is your plan?  How big is your commitment?  When will you get started?  With every clock tick you have a new moment.  Ready, set… go!  And have a great week!


John 8:1-11

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