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Monday, March 14 2016
“Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.”
Meister Eckhart
Good morning, friends!  Happy Pi Day (3.1416 if rounding to 4 decimal places!) and happy first weekday of Daylight Savings Time!  That’s a lot of arcane celebrations right there! 
The past three years have brought a renewed appreciation for morning to me.  When first my daughter began at a local middle school three years ago I had to drop her off at 6:50 a.m. and so my day began at 5:50.  That has been my schedule for three years now and still I have three more years of it.
 When we leave each morning at 6:37 on the dot we have a chance to watch the rhythm of life at work.  The school year begins fully sunlit.  As the days pass the darkness gradually overtakes our morning ride, only to make us anticipate the sun’s return with the approaching spring.  And just as we embrace the morning sun ride DST plunges us back into darkness.  Today was the first depressing ride of the new era; anticipation is again our comforter.
As circadian beings we live in the rhythm of the old “Fiddler on the Roof” song, “Sunrise, Sunset”.  No matter what we accomplish or fail to accomplish on one day sunset is coming, soon to be followed by new opportunity for success.  Sometimes it’s good to carry one day’s experience into the next day, and other times it’s better to leave yesterday to itself.  Eckhart suggests to embrace the natural circadian rhythm and take each day for itself.  Seen this way, yesterday’s successes, no matter how great, can be a burden to today’s possibilities.
Sure as shootin’ today will pass with the setting of the sun and tomorrow will offer us all the opportunity for great things.  It’s easier said than done but can you (will you?) embrace tomorrow like a beginner, not burdened by any success or failure of yesterday?  Will you be fully you tomorrow, striving to be all you were created to be, blessed to be, grown to be?  You only have a day to do it, to improve yourself, that is.  Will you do it tomorrow, as a beginner?  And what will you do to do it?  Interesting thoughts, these are.  Think about them, and better yet, do something with them!  I know you will because you want to be a better and best you!  Go and do, and have a great week!  (And eat a pie to celebrate the day!)
Matthew 28:1-7
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