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Monday, February 08 2016

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“An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it.”

Bill Bernbach


Good morning, friends.  I hope this week has begun with a new energy and excitement from you.  It will be the week you make it, that’s for sure.


Take a moment and read today’s quote again.  And one more time.  When I encountered this quote for the first time I was powerfully struck.  The very thought that an idea is a treasure, a gift, or a blessing is a game changer.  What are you doing with your ideas?


Sure, we cannot make gold out of every idea we have; it would wear us out.  Why do we have so many ideas?  As often as I like to say that our mind is our own worst enemy, I should also say that our mind is a powerful ally, too.  When you have a plan, or dream, or goal your mind will work overtime processing that end point into reachable targets.  So how do you choose among competing ideas?


I suppose one way to differentiate people is by the number of ideas that turn to magic; successful people just seem to turn more ideas to magic.  But does that suggest they have more ideas?  I say no.  You have ideas, great ones, potentially magic ones.  You need to make two decisions: which ones to act on, and the commitment to act.  That seems to be the desert for most of us.  How can you bring water to that parched land of dusty ideas?


In a gifted moment when you have an idea that will improve your situation or move you forward towards a goal value the idea enough to write it down.  Is it worth your time?  Will it help you?  What energy can you give it?  Create a habit of showing respect for your ideas and in time you might see more magic in your life.  And a little bit, or a big bit, of magic sure beats a pile of dust!  Do some magic, friends, and watch your life take off!  Have a great week.


Matthew 14:13-21

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