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Monday, February 29 2016

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“Our choice always is the same: save the world or savor it. And I vote for savoring it.”

Fr. Gregory Boyle


Happy Leap Day, friends!  I hope you are making this extra special day something special.  If you’d like to understand how Leap Day works, and it’s a bit more involved than you think, check out this link from National Geographic Channel:   Very interesting.  Now on to our stuff.


Gloom and doom.  That’s about all we hear these days from pundits and candidates… gloom and doom.  Presidential campaigns are in full swing around the country and the messages are loud and clear: gloom and doom.  Everything is wrong, all is bad, who’s to blame, blah blah blah.  If I were easily influenced I could become a pessimist pretty quickly.  And many people are.


Politics aren’t the only pessimistic influencers.  Pastor, too (I pray not me…), neighbors, friends, well, just about anybody can be a pessimistic influencer.  Listen to the language; pessimists reveal themselves pretty quickly.  Yet science, and faith, tells us that our outlook strongly influences our experience.  Need an example of how you can change your outlook and experience for the better?  Look no further than the Father Greg Boyle.


Fr. Boyle works in a situation most of us could neither imagine nor accept.  He ministers to gang members in the most difficult part of Los Angeles.  You can read his story here:   In a recent interview Fr. Boyle said a great change happened in his life and ministry when he realized his job was not to “save” people but to “savor” them.  “Saving” first sees the problem, the negative, the pessimistic.  “Savoring” first sees the good, the opportunistic, the possible, the enjoyable.  When Fr. Boyle began savoring his flock lives began to change.  The experience followed the outlook.  So what about your life?


Is your life dominated by that which needs “fixing” OR that which needs “enjoying”?  Are you more conscious of the “corrections” you need OR the “blessings” you have?  As you look around do you see more things and people who need “saving” OR those who need “savoring”?  Like Fr. Boyle your experience will follow your outlook.  I wish I had a “happy” pill to give you, but I don’t.  I wish making you aware of the issue were enough to create change, but it isn’t.  I’m giving you a gift today, one that can genuinely change your life.  Will you receive it?  Turn your outlook around, savor the life you have, see the good all around you, and begin to enjoy a life you never knew you could.  I believe you want this life, so get to it today!  And have a great week!


Luke 5:1-11

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