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Monday, November 09 2015

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“Life is either a daring adventure, or it is nothing.”
Helen Keller

Happy Monday morning, friends!  I hope the day and week have begun with great gusto for you.  It is wet, cold and dreary here, but not in my spirit.  I’m ready to go!  So let’s get to it.

An awareness that is growing more and more common to me is the power of inertia in my life.  And it’s not just that I see it in me; I see it in everyone, everywhere.  Inertia is the dominant force in my biological life and I’ll bet yours, too.

Consider your life for any period of time… a week, month, year, decade, you choose the period.  I’m quite certain a near straight line can be drawn in the patterns of your living over any periodic time.  Mine too.  I’ll generally do this week what I’ve generally done every week for years, and I’ll generally do this year what I’ve generally done every year for decades.  I will be a slave to inertia in my living.  But why?

Yet when we look back over our inertia-filled lives what clearly stands out are those times, moments, experiences, happenings, doings, ect. that are not of the norm.  We recall with great clarity the time we did the different thing, the joy the unexpected experience brought us, and the blessing the new path gave us.  Did they all?  No, but neither did the humdrum of the everyday inertia.  The best experiences are only possible when we intentionally break the inertia. 

I do not like to think of my life as “nothing” nor would I comfortably call your life “nothing”, but plain and ordinary I accept.  Why not break up the plain and ordinary with a daring adventure this week.  The possibilities are endless as long as they are not in your ordinary path.  Dare to do something different each week, or month in the least, and experience the joyful ride on the wild side!  Can we eliminate inertia in our living?  No, but we can choose to be daring in our fun, joy, difference, etc. and I challenge you do begin today.  What have you to lose?  Nothing.  What have you to gain?  A greater and better life.  Let’s live, friends, and let’s start now!  Have a great week.

Luke 5:17-28

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