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Sunday, November 01 2015

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“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

Thomas A. Edison

Good afternoon, friends.  Sorry I didn’t get this encouragement to you earlier this morning.  Job demands pushed my day to a later start, so it’s still early for me!  At least I hope the sun is shining where you are.  It’s a wet mess here.  On we go…

A word that I’ve long loved is “symbiosis”, in all its grammatical variations.  Symbiosis is a relationship between two living, active things that work together and depend on each other.  Examples are everywhere and I’d say everything is an example.  Marriages are symbiotic.  Businesses are symbiotic.  Friendships are symbiotic.  Biology is symbiotic.  Examples are indeed everywhere, and one more is opportunity.  Opportunity is symbiotic.

Bear with me.  Have you ever heard of what is the common experience of people who win outrageous lotteries?  The inflow of money creates life changes that the unlucky winner is ill-prepared to handle, and the win very often turns out to be a curse.  “Throw me in that briar patch.” you say?  Think twice.  We see the exact opposite experience with persons who earn vast wealth by hard work (and requisite luck). The value of work prepares the person for life in the blessing.  There is a clear symbiosis between work and blessing.

Yet how many opportunities for blessings have you missed because the opportunities presented themselves naturally, symbiotically paired with work?  Successful opportunities don’t come any other way, nor should they.  The work it takes to be successful prepares you to fully experience and appreciate the success.  In the symbiotic system it can be no other way; work and success depend on each other.

What opportunity is staring at you, with a bit of dirt on its face, and mud on its shoes, and stains on its clothes?  It’s an invitation to get busy, do what you must, and know when you succeed it was a well-earned experience.  I am convinced you know of what I speak, these work-laced opportunities.  Take the next one by the hand; you won’t regret it.  And wave to me when you speed by me!  Have a great week, friends!

Mark 6:7-13

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