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Monday, October 19 2015

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“I try to live my life going towards simplicity rather than towards complexity.”

Yvon Chouinard

Good morning, friends!  I awoke this morning to frost and chilly, chilly temps, and I loved it!  I love being a seasonal person and I’m ready for a fall season.  I hope your day has started as joyfully as mine, for sure!

Saturday I spent (or wasted, depending on one’s perspective) half an hour watching Tom Brokaw interview Yvon Chouinard back in 2007.  Technology serves well sometimes.  You can view the interview here:  Chouniard is an incredible modern man.

Despite his successes, his great wealth and his endless opportunities, Chouniard intentionally directs his life towards increasing simplicity.  He represents to me the possibility of escape from the trap of more.  Have you ever felt yourself trapped by more?  More seems to be prison we’ve created for ourselves: the desire for more stuff, more time, more relationships, more space, more money, more everything.  More is the tune that directs the treadmill of our lives.  More is the whip that cracks us into endless action.  More is everything.

But where is more getting us?  Do you feel more happy (sic)?  More at peace?  More rested?  More joyful?  The fruits of more are fear, anxiety, tiredness, brokenness, anger, and loss.  Why would anyone willingly choose the more life?  Yet isn’t that the life we have all chosen to one degree or another?  So how do we turn in the better, simpler direction?

Examine your life for the fruits of more; where are you experiencing fear, anxiety, tiredness, brokenness, anger, and loss.  Dig deep to the root of these fruit and you’ll likely find the prison of more.  Walk out of that prison.  Take one complex aspect of your life and begin to unravel the desire for more.  The desire for simplicity can create momentum, so keep at it.  The fruits of more will guide you to the areas of greatest concern.  Tackle one, then another, then keep the habit going until you have simplified your life and you realize that happiness and joy and peace and rest were to be found all along in simplicity, not complexity and more.  And won’t you be glad you started the journey!  I know you will and I pray you begin today.  The prisoner you free will be you.  Have a wonderful week.

Matthew 11:28-30

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