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Monday, October 12 2015

“To create more positive results in your life, replace ‘if only’ with ‘next time’.”

Celestine Chua

Good morning, friends!  I know now that this e-mail reaches people in a wide geographical area, so I hope the morning is as beautiful where you are as where I am.  Gorgeous! 

I recently finished listening to a book that I cannot recommend highly enough.  “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and in Business” by Charles Duhigg has been a NY Times best seller and for good reason.  Duhigg explains so much of life in understandable and compelling ways, and he gives inspirational information of how to change bad habits and begin good ones.  Who doesn’t need that?!

One of the most damaging sources of bad habits is our thought patterns.  Did you know your thoughts are habits?  Absolutely!  We frequently choose to not believe so, but so much of life that begins in our brains is the result of the habits we practice there.  Happiness vs. sadness.  Love vs. loneliness.  Peace vs. conflict.  Success vs. failure.  These results are more than choices or accidents; they are results of habits.

Our quote today is a habit changer.  One bad habit is to live life reactively, missing dreams poorly soothed by the “if only” salve.  How much joy have you missed by this bad habit?  We all do.  A better habit is to live proactively, taking the reality of the moment as a starting point to move effectively towards “next time.”  What disappointment have you experienced lately that you are sure to repeat unless you take effective action towards “next time”?  I have many, too.  Let’s move towards “next time” together.

I challenge you to see all the habits of your life, good and bad, and begin to supplant the bad with good and watch your life blossom with joy.  Begin small, create success, learn a system, and take control of your habits.  You can do it!  One of my best habits is to bless you as you bless me.  Have a wonderful week, blessed friends!

Ephesians 4:20-24

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