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Monday, October 05 2015

“Noise is what separates us from ourselves.”

Sister Joan Chittister

Good morning friends.  I’m writing you today from the ark.  I got my seat secured but wouldn’t you know it, the dove came back!  In all honesty, I pray the waters recede for all persons affected by this weather and the recovery process is healing.

Friday night I had a wonderful experience.  For my birthday my wife gave me a ticket to a day of bluegrass concerts at the International Bluegrass Music Association festival.  The acts were the biggest in the genre and I had a great seat for Friday’s show.  Because I was there by myself I took a book to read (yes I know, I’m a geek that way).

The first band had a great sound and was moderately loud so I could alternately read and watch.  When the next band came on their sound was elevated to club level and it was impossible read and hard to think.  It was a tsunami of noise.  I was familiar with this tsunami; often the competing elements of my life create their own overwhelming noise factors.  What is the noise in your life keeping you from being the full you?

How long would your list be if you listed all the recurrent thoughts that encroach on your mind in a day?  I need to do this… I ought to do that… I forgot about that… Remember this… What did they say?... What needs doing?... On and on it goes, a tsunami of noise in our minds.  It’s easier said than done to separate the noise from the true self, but what would be true of you if you quieted the noise and focused on the two or three things most important to you, real about you, or helpful to you?  Ahhhhh, in the silence, when the noise abates, we begin to see clearly.

Somewhere in the noise we all have our unique sense of priorities, desires and necessities.  What good is focus when you are drowning?  What we all need is to help the waters recede in our minds by clearing our thoughts of the noise to allow the real to become self-evident.  Who is the unique you?  What is real about you?  What would become self-evident for you if the noise in your mind receded?  I encourage you to take steps to recognize the noise from the real, and to release the noise and pursue the real.  You will in fact become even greater than you already are!  I wish the best for you!  Have a great week!

Psalm 46

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