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Monday, August 17 2015

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“Its hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world.”

Dolly Parton

Happy Monday, friends!  I hope the day has begun wonderfully for you; if not, there’s still time to turn it around.  Let’s get started.

Dolly Parton is not a typical source for inspirational quotes, but today she fits the bill.  Consider the challenge of “standing out”.  It’s not easy, that’s for sure.

This past Saturday I was with my family in the NC mountains for a day of great fun.  We saw and experienced a waterfall in the morning, and then had lunch at McDonald’s before heading to Sliding Rock and another waterfall.  It was a diamond of a day, but in the middle was a rhinestone experience: lunch.

Nobody expects greatness out of McDonald’s, certainly not me, and Saturday was no different.  We were the only people at the counter and still our order was slow developing.  Then the drinks (all waters and one tea) were improperly prepared.  Then at the table my son’s order was not filled.  Then my wife’s order was not correct.  Read this clearly: I am neither angry nor complaining.  I simply bemoan the opportunity missed by McDonald’s to offer a diamond experience in a rhinestone setting.  We left with a bad taste in our mouth (pun intended).

Before we begin a community bashing of McDonald’s, let us consider our diamond opportunities and rhinestone realities.  How many times today do you expect to interact with someone?  Plenty.  How many of those times will the person view you as a diamond of kindness, respect, happiness, joy, forgiveness, etc.?  Or will you be a consistent rhinestone?  Consider your work efforts, your fun efforts, your support efforts, everything.  Will it be a diamond or a rhinestone? 

In every moment we feel the pressure to conform, to take the easy road, to set the bar low for many reasons.  Life is a wasteland of such moments and no one is the better for them, yet here and there are diamonds.  What diamond experiences can you create today with a bit of effort?  How can you bless other persons, and yourself, by giving the extra effort to excel even in simple ways?  Dolly’s on to something here.  You can be a diamond in a rhinestone world, so start shining!  I know you’ll be brilliant.  Have a wonderful week.

Proverbs 13:4

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