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Monday, July 13 2015

“It’s not enough to be busy; so are the ants.  The question is: what are we busy about?”

Henry David Thoreau

Happy Monday, friends!  Wow!  What a two week stretch it’s been for me.  A vacation at the beach, then a fast turnaround to chaperone kids to camp in the mountains.  I hope you’ve had a smoother groove than me, for sure!

I wonder how many of us ever stop to consider the effectiveness of our busy-ness.  I imagine we’re too busy to do so.

Any life could be a case study for energy typically wasted.  Take your own life in the past year.  How many experiences did you have in the year when you were so busy it wore you out?  How many times were you so busy you prayed for a break?  How many times were you so busy you forgot something, or many things?  I have those times at least once a week; how about you?

What do we get for those times?  Do you typically achieve great successes?  Do you often reach your greater goals?  Do you ever find things better or improved?  Or do you more typically find things simply over, done, finished, or completed?  Those are good outcomes, but are they all the outcomes you want?  Are they worth all the energy you have?  Do you need to diversify your energy expenditures?

Just this weekend, listening to the TED Radio Hour, I heard that Americans have combined 1 trillion expendable free hours.  The host of the show said he had none, but upon reflection noted that he gave his free time to simple, non-productive, wasting activities, and sometimes he was even busy doing those things.  How about you?  Do you celebrate your busy-ness in activities that don’t satisfy your dreams?  We all do.

This week, when you find yourself busy ask yourself: when this activity is completed will the outcome be “done” or will it be a step in the direction of your dreams?  Will the energy you spend this week be dutiful, or will it be satisfying?  Will you choose to give some of your energy and busy-ness this week to your goals and dreams, or will it all be spent on simple, less productive, wasting activities?  It is your choice, and I have faith you will make a great one!  Have a wonderful, effective energy spending week!

Matthew 25:1-12

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