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Monday, June 01 2015

To be willing to accept failure, you have to have self-confidence, that you have to be accepting of the idea that failing doesn’t define who you are.  Failing gets something out of the way that keeps you from finding the thing that you’re actually going to be good at.

Steve Levitt

Good morning, friends!  Can you believe it’s already June???  I am struggling with it, but life goes on.  I hope life is going well for you this morning.

Today’s quote is taken from a Freakanomics podcast I listened to last night while walking.  The episode was “Failure is Your Friend”.  Did you get that?  Failure is your friend.

Certain topics scare us: death, giving and taxes, just to name a few.  I think failure trumps all our scary topics.  We are petrified of failure so much that we will go to extremes to hide it.  Pointing out failures in other persons, as judgment, is simply another way to glorify self.  We have become so adept at judging failure that we identify self by our successes and failures.  No wonder we are petrified by failure.

What is failure except another step in life?  We all fail, nearly constantly.  It’s just a part of life.  We try.  We fail.  We try again.  We may fail again, or we may succeed.  And then we’ll try again.  It’s life.  Don’t break out in hives, but think about how often you’ve failed just in the last month.  It staggers the mind.

What you want to be, I know it, is a success, but I suggest no such thing exists.  No one “is” a success, just as no one “is” a failure.  We can succeed along many paths to success, but no path to success is without failure. Why not see your failures as a journey to success and celebrate it?!  Every failure eliminates a bad step to success, and that is success, too!  Celebrate it!

I know celebrating failure requires self-confidence, especially in a world that condemns failure, but the world isn’t your problem.  Your journey to success is, and you’ll never get there petrified of failure.  Face it.  Take it.  Deal with it.  Get over it.  And move on.  And call the moving on a success, too! 

What failure is holding you back today?  What failure dominates you today?  What success do you want that is worth a failure, or two, or ten?  If you need someone to celebrate failures with you, then I’m your man!  Just keep moving forward and you’ll know nothing but success, in all its forms.  I guarantee it!  Have a great week.

John 21:15-17

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