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Monday, June 08 2015

The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.

Vince Lombardi

Greetings, friends, and happy Monday to you!  I hope that greeting is not an oxymoron, that today has begun wonderfully.  Let’s keep it going!

Do you dream?  I don’t mean nighttime dreams, like anxiety dreams or insecurity dreams.  We all have those dreams.  I mean the eyes wide open dreams, the ones we don’t tell anyone about because we are really afraid of what they might say or think about us for dreaming such dreams.  These are the dreams of what we want to be.  Do you have these dreams, the dream of achieving, doing, reaching, becoming?  I’ll bet you do, or perhaps you did before something stopped you from having such dreams.

I smoke bbq, pork bbq, bbq that will make a vegetarian ask for seconds.  Getting to this point was not easy.  I ruined so many efforts I shudder to remember them all.  Some efforts were not edible 10 years ago.  What made the difference?  Was it knowledge?  Some.  Was it ability?  Some.  What really made the difference was the determination to succeed.  Too many times I could have sold my grills and smokers, thrown up my hands and called it quits, but my dream to be able to produce bbq of excellence drove me to success.  I’ll bet you have experienced success that began with a dream partnered with determination.  What would happen today if you brought a bit of determination to a current dream or two?

Take stock for a minute or two of the dreams you’ve recently experienced.  What is the action on them today?  Is one in particular moving forward with any confidence?  Is it the one you chose to move on or the one circumstances dictated to you?  Set aside thoughts of success for a moment and imagine a few strong steps you can take to move your chosen dream forward.  Plenty of things will happen to make you question your dream, but will you have the determination to overcome the doubts? 

Remember this: there are no guarantees of success in life but you can increase your chances of succeeding in your efforts by committing to determination.  So what determination will you give to your dreams this week?  You have only yourself to thank!  And me to have faith in you.  Have a great week.

Acts 16:22-30

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