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Tuesday, May 19 2015

It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves. 
 Edmund Hillary 
Is it Monday already?  It is?  It was?  Oh, I guess we all need a little encouragement to start our week.  Yesterday was just such a day for me, but I appreciate your grace as we get back on track.  Here we go!
In case you dont remember your history, Sir Edmund Hillary was a New Zealand mountaineer and explorer who, with his Sherpa guide, is the first known climber to summit Mount Everest.  The story of how he completed the journey is incredible, yet the story he tells is not of the challenge of the mountain.  The challenge he faced, and the story he tells, is how he strove to overcome himself.  What is your story, the mountain or yourself?
Surely we all face challenges.  I could easily overwhelm myself if I began listing all the challenges I currently face.  Thats life, one challenge after another.  A deceptive stumbling block for many people is call the when condition.  When I get to this point I wont have challenges anymore.  When I reach that goal, no more challenges.  When I get to that age, challenges go poof.  So please tell me when you get there, because I have no knowledge of anyone who has ever eliminated challenges; the challenges simply change.  Even Hillary, after summiting Everest, had to come back down, and down was as challenging as up.
Avoiding challenges doesnt work, obviously, and deceiving oneself about challenges doesnt work either.  So what does help one successfully navigate life and reach goals?  The solution seems to be on focus: are you focused on the mountain or on yourself?  Is your challenge really the mountain, or is it yourself?  Are you going to be walking uphill the rest of your life, or will you learn to walk powerfully no matter what the terrain?
Dont overwhelm yourself, but think for just a moment of any challenges facing you right now.  In time they will all pass.  You will either meet them and beat them or they will be behind you, unmet.  And then there will be new ones.  Life is like that.  Now quit focusing on your challenges and begin focusing on yourself.  Begin developing the strengths of commitment, dedication, courage, hope, forgiveness, etc.  When you conquer yourself in these ways all your mountains will seem like molehills, and what a story you will then be able to tell.  I know you can do it, conquer yourself, that is.  So get to it!  And have a great week (whats left of it!)
Matthew 25:14-30

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