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Monday, May 25 2015

Defeat may serve as well as victory to shake the soul and let the glory out.

Edwin Markham

Good afternoon friends, and happy Memorial Day to you!  If you are working today, and many people must, then know that you are appreciated for the sacrifice you make on a national holiday.  And if a member of your family died while serving our country then know also that the sacrifice of your loved one is a blessing to everyone working, playing, resting and remembering today.  May today remind you of the appreciation of your country.
Take a moment to think about an unresolved goal, dream, ambition or plan you have, particularly one thats been lingering for a long time.  Im not a mind reader, but I am a reader of humanity, so Ill bet theres more than a little fear holding you back from moving forward.  Some fear is reasonable, but one most unreasonable fear is the fear of failure.
I tend to do things only when Im confident of success.  Do you ever do that?  I often wonder how much success we delay by this fear of failure.  What success are you delaying by a fear of failure?  More than youre willing to admit, Im sure. 
History teaches us over and over again that success is rarely achieved on the first try.  Almost universally success is the result of consistent effort, overcoming many failures, and steadfast belief.  I often wonder how many great things we take for granted are the result of someones willingness to overcome failure.  More than we know, Im sure.
So back to you and your dream.  What might result if you gave one good effort this week to move in the direction of success?  Maybe you dont get there; maybe you fail; maybe lots of things.  But certainly you will learn something, and perhaps achieve something, and it may be the step that creates success.  So take the step!  You have nothing to lose, except losing a fear of failure.  Lets both take a step towards success this week, big or small.  I have faith in your courage to succeed.
Acts 9:10-18

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