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Monday, May 04 2015

If the wind will not serve, take to the oars.

Latin Proverb

Happy Monday to you, friends!  If that seems oxymoronic to you then I hope today is an exception!

I cannot tell you how many times it has happened to me.  I have a problem.  The type of problem really doesn’t matter, all that matters is that I was in the hunt for a solution.  That seems simple enough, to find a solution for a problem, right?  But the real problem is the problem behind the problem.

Still with me?  The brain is curious thing.  Whenever we look for solutions, or answers, the brain aggressively grabs on the first reasonable one.  The aggression is so strong that the brain effectively blocks thinking about other possibilities.  But what do you do when your first thought isn’t the right one?  What do you do when your first idea doesn’t lead to success?  What do you do when your brain is no friend in solving a problem?

A second thought is very often the first step to success.  I’ll bet you’re dealing with a problem right now, or a challenge of some sort, and either your first thought isn’t being successful or you are not confident in the first thought for good reason.  Consider the problem from a new perspective.  Or think of the outcome you desire and see if that opens up new lines of thought.  Or list 5 possible first steps, no matter how outrageous.  Just do something to give yourself a chance to succeed.

Can you imagine sitting in a still boat never noticing the oars?  Probably not, but I’ll bet you have a problem with a solution just as simple but also just as hidden.  Look around, the oars are right there, the ones to get your life moving.  Get rowing, and I’ll see you at the finish line!

Acts 9:1-9

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