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Monday, April 13 2015

Given that your first choice is likely to be wrong, the best thing you can do is get started.

- James Clear

Good morning, friends, and welcome to the many new subscribers to this encouraging weekly e-mail!  I hope you all find a good word each week to help you make every day a bit, or a lot, better.

I wish, I truly do, that all my first choices and decisions in life had been good and successful ones.  Can you imagine just how much pain and heartache I would have been spared?  How about you?  I’ll bet you too have learned the hard lesson that first choices and decisions are rarely the best or right ones.  It’s a life lesson, only one we fail to fully appreciate.

The strings of truth that bear out this lesson are everywhere.  First dates are rarely life partners.  First jobs are rarely long term careers.  First health decisions rarely prove to be long living.  Firsts just don’t last in life because firsts are rarely rights or bests.  The truth is we are hardly any better at making decisions than professional baseball hitters are at hitting.  The MLB league batting average in 2014 was .250, and that would be a very impressive good first decision rate.

So if we can ever come around to this life truth we ignore, how can we improve our lives?  Simple (in this case anyway): we start trying to make good decisions and show ourselves a lot of grace.  What stops us from getting started?  Learned fears of failure, or perhaps heightened expectations of success.  Either way, not starting because of a fear of failure is a downward spiral of defeat.  Trust me, I know.  We all do.

How then might I encourage you this week?  Think of that “thing” you’ve been avoiding because you have a dreaded fear of failure.  Be honest with yourself; it’s part of the unrealized you.  Admit to yourself, and accept, that you’re almost guaranteed to fail when you start.  But it is the education you will gain in the failure that will fuel your success to follow.  Your first choice will be wrong, maybe your second, and maybe your third, but eventually you will hit that right choice, or decision, and then you will wonder why you waited so long to begin.  Don’t wait!  Get started!  You truly have little to lose and lots to gain.  So get to it!  I envy all your efforts.  I know you’ll do great, eventually!  Have a great week!

John 8:1-11

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