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Monday, March 09 2015

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

Steve Jobs

Good morning, friends!  If you live in North Carolina did you enjoy all four seasons last week?  I hope your weekend was a blessing, whatever season it was for you.

Wasting time is a habit of nearly everyone.  Who is fully productive, or even half productive, with their time?  Nobody I know, and not me for sure.  We all have our ways to waste time, little bits and extended time, and we invent new ways all the time.  Time is one thing, but wasting a life is something else entirely.

It may seem silly to suggest that any person can live another person’s life, but consider how much we do try.  Perhaps your parents strongly encouraged you to become something (a career, a talent, a life choice, etc.) and being a good child you honored your parents and lived the life of their dreams.  What about your dreams?  Or perhaps you were indecisive at some point in your life and yielded your vision to that of a someone successful you knew.  What about your vision?  Or perhaps you were moving well in life but you found yourself being pulled in the gravity of someone near you also moving well.  What about your gravity?  The ways are many we live in someone else’s skin, and we all know that no one’s skin fits but our own.

Take a look at your dream, your vision, or your gravity today?  Is it your own, or is it a pale reflection of someone else’s?  We tend to think we have only one shot at life, the one when we make the grand choices of our youth.  Truth is, we have a shot at life every day, so why not make your shot your own?  It begins with an honest understanding of self, a fair evaluation of hopes and dreams, and concludes with action and movement towards a goal.  What part of that process do you want to surrender to someone else?  None!  It's your process, your vision, your life!  Take it.  Do it.  And live it.  Now.

I'd love to hear how you are doing becoming you.  Have a wonderful week.

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