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Monday, March 30 2015

There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.

Roger Staubach

Good morning, friends!  I hope you have started this Monday with a great deal of energy earned from a weekend of rest.  Here’s hoping!

Years ago when I was in divinity school I also worked for a company in Raleigh.  I lived south of Raleigh, and on my drive into work 3 days each week I rushed to cover the 30 minute drive to the city.  Quickly I learned that when I reached the intersection of US 64 and Hwy. 1 traffic would stop.  Literally.  The first 30 miles would take 30 minutes, and the last 5 miles would take 20.  I learned to despise traffic.  Have you ever had experiences with traffic that created negative feelings in you?

In what ways is your life similar to a day in traffic?  Plenty for me.  More expectations than I can satisfy.  More demands than I can remember.  More needs than I can meet.  More to do than I can schedule.  Some days it seems like I’m sitting in traffic on the highway again, getting nowhere fast.  How about you?

The image of the extra mile is powerful.  I see it most often in education.  The student who excels is often the one who studied a bit more, prepared more frequently, participated more effectively, and so on.  In other words, the student who goes the extra mile, not the extra marathon, just the extra mile, often excels. 

What extra mile is possible in your life to help you excel to success?  If your reply is that you are too busy in the traffic, the answer might be in your priorities.  How can you prioritize effectively to afford yourself the extra effort to succeed?  Success is often found not in a marathon, only a mile.  Where can you find the mile of effort to help you succeed?  Wherever it is, I know if you look you will find it, and success may well be at the end of that found mile.  I have faith in your efforts.  Have a wonderful week!

Luke 18:18-22

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