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Monday, March 02 2015

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.

Amelia Earhart

Good morning, friends!  I’m sorry this e-mail is a bit late; duty called this morning in a powerful way.  I hope this thought reaches you at just the right time.

I know I think and write about first steps more than other issues, but such is my understanding of their power.  The moment of the first step is so powerful, and so important, that it can truly change the direction of a life whether the step is taken or not.  A first date, a new job opportunity, a new health initiative, a major purchase, on and on the list goes of life changing experiences that began with a moment, one taken or not.  The power of the second step isn't even worth mentioning compared to that of the first step.  How do you address first steps in your life?

 If I can encourage you today it will be help you take the first steps you seek.  It’s a different matter entirely to wonder how to manage opportunities and decisions, so I’m limiting myself today to choices made but action not yet taken.  On this side of that step is mostly stuff you don’t want: fear, anxiety, stress, unknown, self-defeatism, etc.  You literally stand in the presence and the power of those negatives until you take the first step to action.  Who knows what’s on the other side of that first step of action?  You don’t and I don’t, but can we agree that it’s certainly better than the negative ground of inaction?   Look to the promised land of momentum and take the positive step you have planned.  You can deal with what comes next but only when you have dealt with what comes before. 

The time for questions is over.  If you have decided to act, or move, or change, it’s time to do it, or at least begin to do it.  The relief you feel from the release of all the negatives that hold you back today will be immense, and the joy from acting will be incomparably great.  Take that one step forward in the direction of your goal, and thank me later.  Or at least wave to me while you are headed forward!  And have a great, great week!

Matthew 1:18-25

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