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Monday, February 23 2015

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, I used everything you gave me.

Erma Bombeck

Good morning, friends.  Have you thawed?  Boy, last week was a freezer, no?  Forty degrees never looked so good!

A couple of years ago my wife and I first started walking for exercise.  Our route was over 2 miles of hills and valleys and homes.  Quickly a stroll turned into a shuffle, then into a hustle, then into a get with it, and finally into a hair less than a run.  Neither Kim nor I are tall, so our little legs were really moving, and the feeling was incredible.

Our goal that drove us was to get our MPH over 4 MPH and our time for our route to under 32 minutes.  Each evening in pursuit of our goals we would arrive home and crash on the porch.  Always breathless and sweating, we would reflect on the walk and imagine how we might make the next walk even better.  And for a while we gave it all.

How does one apply the last full measure of devotion to that which really matters in life?  Or if not in the great life issues, at least those areas of your life that really matter to you?  When you have determined something that matters to you, how much of you will you give to it?  Or, when that which matters to you has run its course, how much of you will you still have in the tank?

Of course, someone is bound to say, “Not just one thing matters to me; I have a number of things that matter.  I can’t give all of me to one thing; I have to multitask and prioritize.”  To that I say, “Hogwash.”  Things that matter come and go, but in any given period of time rarely does more than one thing truly matter to a person.  What is that thing to you right now?  What are you holding back from giving to it?  How are you handicapping it from success?  Stop!  Give it everything you have!  Spare nothing!  Reach the end breathless and know you gave your absolute, positive best.  And when you catch your breath, know that I am thrilled for your success!

Mark 13:44-46

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