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Monday, February 02 2015

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Chinese Proverb

Good morning, friends!  Did you see your shadow this morning?  Neither did I!

To be quite honest, I’m not too sure about the authenticity of this “proverb”.  The internet age has made sages of simpletons.  Still, the idea of this proverb appeals to me (even if that makes me a simpleton!).

The power of the psychology of starting cannot be overstated; beginning is nearly everything.  The road less traveled is overgrown if no one begins it.  Every great achievement in history is simply a book of great ideas if no one pursued them.  Nothing becomes anything without that first step.  So what does that matter to you and me?  Everything!

I don’t have to look beyond my own life to see the wasteland of tattered dreams and tarnished ideas.  Too often I’ve believed that the idea was sufficient to start things, that a plan with steps was the golden ticket to success.  When I compare “what could have been” to “what is” is see the difference is not circumstance, or challenge, or resources.  The difference is me; the golden ticket was not the connections in my mind but was in fact the energy, or entire lack thereof, in my first step.  Can I get an “amen”?

I don’t mean to bum you out today, asking you to reflect on a life of missed opportunities.  Sure, you and I both could be living the life of our dreams right now if we’d taken steps 20 years ago.  Neither of us can change the past; we can however proverbially take positive first steps today.

It is always a joy to watch a child take his or her first steps.  They wobble, fall and cry, but with perseverance they learn to walk, run, jump, skip, play and dance.  It’s like a whole world is waiting on the other side of those first halting steps.  What world is waiting on the other side of your first steps today?  Are you so afraid of wobbling, falling and crying that you’ll forfeit that great world?  NO!  Take a first step today towards something you want, some dream you have, some better something you seek.  Maybe you fall.  Maybe you wobble.  Maybe you cry.  But having taken a first step, you will have the courage to take a second step, then a third, and eventually you’ll enter that world on the other side of the step.  And you will hardly believe you did it, but you did.  What will be your “did” today?  I don’t know, but I want you to just do it.  And love it.  And be it.  Have a wonderful week.

Matthew 4:18-20

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