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Monday, January 05 2015

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

Happy New Year, friends!  I know, I know, it’s January 5, but for me, and for this effort, it is the first day of the new year.  So  greet you in that New Year way!

I neither want to, nor have the expertise to, dive too deeply into the psychology of dreams, but I think we make way too little of our dreams.  They are really important stuff.

One of my children talks in his sleep, nightly, and loudly.  About an hour after he goes to sleep, most nights anyway, we can hear him talking loudly in his sleep.  Usually the talk is unintelligible, but we have gotten years of joy listening to his sleepy rantings.  For most of us that’s about all we make of our own dreams, sleepy rantings.  But what about the dreams you have not when you are ranting sleepily, but with your mind and eyes wide awake?  Do those dreams matter?  Sure they do.

For one thing, they represent the true leanings of your heart and mind.  I’ll bet most of your successes in life have stemmed from your passions, some place within you that touched your commitment.  Likewise, I’d be surprised if you have more than a glancing story of success that came from a lack of interest or accident.  Success tends to partner with passions and commitments, so why not trust those expressions earlier in the process?

Not every dream has the legs to succeed, but must we snuff them all out because of no guarantees?  Can we at least give them a hearing?  Can we give them the chance of respecting their beauty?  It seems like a reasonable wager if a better future awaits.  What dream do you have for yourself?  What imagined future for you really stokes you?  Give those dreams a chance, I say, and see where they take you!  You really have little to lose, and much to gain.  Your dreams are beautiful, and you know it.  I believe in you, and your dreams!  Have a wonderful week, and happy new year!

Matthew 19:13-15

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