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Monday, November 10 2014

“I'd rather be encouraged by an ant to live than taught to doubt by fifty skeptics.” 
Marty Rubin

Good morning, friends!  I hope your morning is as beautiful a fall morning as mine is.  The colors are everywhere!

I consider myself to be a pretty observant person; most of us think of ourselves that way.  I like to observe nature, among other things.  And in particular I like to observe spiders.  Fascinating creatures, spiders are.  Don’t be scared or squeamish; we’re just talking spiders, that’s all.

What I love about spiders are their webs.  After a night of heavy dew I love to see the little spider webs all over the ground and bushes, just ready to catch the next meal.  We also regularly have a collection of industrious spiders around the church who build the biggest, most elaborate webs between far flung structures.  Whenever I see a web I stop and marvel for a moment at the ingenuity and effort of the spider.  He or she would not be defeated.

In your life right now there are encouragers and discouragers; we all have them, and sometimes we all are them.  Great things, simple things, beautiful things, challenging things, whatever they are they are simply next things, and I’ll bet you have next things inside you right now.  Maybe it’s the next thing that will increase your happiness, or satisfaction, or peace, or security, or something else.  Whatever it is, it’s the next thing that you seek.  Or do you?  Who’s winning in your life right now: the encouragers or the skeptics?  One great encourager can propel you to greatness, and enough discouragement can destroy even the greatest dream.  Is next in short order for you, or is next never for you?

Nobody tells the spider what he/she can or cannot do.  The spider simply does it.  Unfortunately you and I are not so free.  We are influenced.  How can you be influenced towards the next?  How can I encourage you to live into the next?  How can you release yourself to pursue the next?  I’d love to observe that beauty, the next you.  Find the encouragement, fight the discouragement, and live as only you can.  Can you do that?  I know you can!  And I’ll pray for the next you seek while you work for it.  Have a great week.

John 8:1-11

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