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Tuesday, November 04 2014

“A man (person) does not have to be an angel to be a saint.” 
― Albert Schweitzer

Happy Monday, friends!  Did the time change catch you off guard today?  I hope not!

Since yesterday was All Saints Sunday in many churches around the world I though it fitting to share this quote so true concerning saints.  In the church I serve, on All Saints Sunday, we take time in the service to allow anyone to stand and share the name of a loved one who has died in the past year.  It is one of my favorite worship moments each year and one of the most solemn experiences in worship.  Yesterday nearly a score of names were shared as hearts were opened and love poured out.  If you have lost a loved one or friend in the past year my heart is open to you.

In the many years of my pastoring I know one thing for sure: I have never, ever buried an angel.  Leaving all metaphors aside I have buried many wonderful people, some people who lived their faith incredibly well, but never, ever an angel.  Only flawed, imperfect humans.

At the best of funerals I see a gathering of love, not people.  Hearts come together, open up, and love flows.  Why?  The reason is always the same in the best of funerals: the deceased person was a saint.  They loved, shared, cared, helped, befriended, supported, remembered, and on and on.  The work of a saint is that of true love.  Is the work of true love for everyone?  No; it’s hard work, thankless work, forgotten work.  But if the saint has the commitment in the heart to be the spirit of true love, it will be missed by everyone in the end.

It didn’t take an angel.  It didn’t take perfection.  It only takes a desire to be love.  Will you be love?  It’s OK to be human, imperfect, flawed.  Just through it all be love.  I know you can; it’s right there in you!  Be love this week, and feel the joy of it all!

John 13:34-35

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