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Monday, October 27 2014

“The difference between winners and losers isn’t that old patterns of failure stop coming up. It’s that we don’t buy into them.

Tamara Star

Good morning, friends!  Is your week off to a great start?  I sure hope so, and if not, you still have plenty of time to turn it around!

Habit.  No word may better describe our human condition.  We are creatures of habit.  But do we direct our habits, or are we dictated to by our habits?

“Winners” and “losers” are not labels I like.  Everybody wins sometimes and everybody loses sometimes.  Bobby Cox, a Hall of Fame manager for the Atlanta Braves, had a career record of 2,504 wins, 2001 losses, and that made him great!  He simply won a bit more than he lost.  He affected his ratio; he directed his habits.  People known as winners tend to constantly course correct, directing habits towards success.  Are you busier labeling yourself, or course correcting to direct your habits to success?

We all live in a pattern of comfortable habits, recycling patterns over and over.  When you look at your past success and failures they were not events; they were results of reinforced and recycled patterns.  If you desire success, and I’m sure you do, you cannot avoid failure.  What you can do is recognize your patterns and habits, course correct, and maximize successes while minimizing failures.  As the quote suggests, there is no doubt old patterns will resurface.  The choice of today is: will you buy into the old pattern, or will you recognize its outcome and use it to your advantage for success?  You truly have more power over your life than you think.  I challenge you to take charge of yourself.  Experience the successes you already are!  And have a great week!

Matthew 21:28-31

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