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Monday, October 20 2014

The spider doesn’t quit. The spider doesn’t curl up in a ball, cry, take an office job in some cubicle, and refuse to build another web. He starts all over again, and he creates another glorious, intricate web. Each spider will do this repeatedly until he finds a spot where the web is welcome, and the spider can thrive.
— Katie Craig

Good morning, friends!  I hope life has surprised you with a special blessing this morning.  If not yet, keep your eyes open… one is right around the corner.

I love spiders.  Not up close, mind you, but observationally.  They are fascinating creatures.  I especially love to observe their opportunism.  They create webs in the most amazing places to catch prey unawares.  And I have yet to understand how a web can be created between two structures 10 or 15 feet apart, or more.

But for every spider web you see there are no doubt scores for that spider that have been destroyed.  That is life for the spider.  It’s also life for you and me.  I’ll bet right now you are either just over, in the middle of, or just beginning a plan or project that will fail.  It may not be the major project of your life, or it may be.  It can be anything.  The point is that we all are constantly in motion in life with various plans, projects and ideas, many of which will never come to fruition.  And the bigger the plan, the greater the disappointment.  I’ve had them; I’m sure you have, too.

Let’s take our cue from the spider.  That web you’ve been building for months or years, that special thing you’ve had in the works forever, that idea that’s been baking in you and is just about to be done, when it bombs pick yourself up again and start all over.  If you learned something, put it to use.  Just don’t be defeated by defeat.  The only thing that can stop you from reaching your thriving place is you, and that only if you quit looking, trying, and rebuilding.  Be strong today and everyday, and work to create new thriving places.  You’ll thank yourself tomorrow!  I believe in you today!  Have a great week.

2 Corinthians 6:3-10

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