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Monday, August 04 2014

Encouraging Word from Pastor Thomas

No great story was ever born from a life that began and ended in perfect harmony. 
— Skylar Liberty Rose

Good morning, friends!  I hope your weekend was epic!  Now a new week begins; let's get started.

This weekend my family and I were in Asheville and serendipitously fell into a craft fair on the grounds of All Souls Episcopal Cathedral in Biltmore Village.  Among the crafts were plenty of vendors selling wood carvings and wood turned items.  Without exception, the most attractive and expensive items were the ones with noticeable flaws in the wood.  Some were exquisite.  Woodworkers have learned that the value of wood is not in the perfect symmetry but in the variety of uniqueness.  What would happen if you viewed your life with the grace of those wood craftspersons?  I'll bet your life hasn't been perfect and flawless; no life is.  Things happen, things we don't want to happen, things we think are terrible, things we think will be the end of us.  We do things, things we regret, things we know better than, things we wish we could take back or do over.  Life is a flawed process, just one flawed experience after another.  We can't change our flaws; most times they happen too quickly.  What we can do is show grace to ourselves, and know that there's beauty in the reality of our lives, even in the flawed parts.  To be sure there will always be observers who will evaluate us like seekers of perfect diamonds, but don't be hurt by such evaluations.  We are not perfect; we are all flawed and the beauty of our lives is how we carry on and overcome and learn to deal with and sometimes are stumbled by our flaws.  Are your flaws the downfall of you or the colorful parts of you?  Just by carrying on you make something beautiful of your flaws.  How can you carry on today?  Carry on this week, friends, and know that I'm praying for you and pulling for you, and oh, how beautiful you are, even with all your flaws.  Just carry on, friends.  And have a great week!

John 8:1-11

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