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Tuesday, June 10 2014

At the end of the day, how long it takes to form a particular habit doesn’t really matter that much. Whether it takes fifty days or 500 days, you have to put in the work either way.  The only way to get to Day 500 is to start with Day one. So forget about the number and focus on doing the work.
— James Clear

Good morning, friends!  Grace and peace to you on this muggy Monday morning here in Winston, or whatever the weather in your neck of the woods.  I pray the week has begun well for you.

The end of Spring and the beginning of Summer is a busy time for superlatives.  Graduates are recognized for achievements, popular professional sports conclude their seasons with champions, and even the northern hemisphere of the earth seems to be peaking with life.  We all seem to love the champions among us, but who among us pays attention to the preparation that creates the champions?  This morning I was a proctor for a class of middle school children, sixth graders, in a challenged neighborhood where my wife teaches.  Twenty kids took a standardized test under the watchful eye of a teacher and me.  As I looked at the kids I wondered if any of them were aware that their journey to success has already begun?  The habits and efforts they give today, and everyday, will impact the opportunities of tomorrow.  In thinking so, I turned the mirror onto myself, and now I turn it onto you.  What are you doing today that will support, create, inhibit or destroy the champion you hope to be a year or two from today?  That person, the champion possible within you, will not suddenly arrive, or bloom or blossom in some surprise fashion.  That champion will simply reveal itself, or not, based on what you are doing today, tomorrow, and every day.  Gino Auriemma, the incredibly successful coach of the women's Connecticut basketball team, says of his championship teams that what sets them apart is that they play for the championship every day, not just at then end of the year.  In what ways are you playing for the championship of your life today?  Will you support or inhibit the champion within you today?  I have great faith you will do the things today, and everyday, that will lead to your great successes.  Don't worry about the time or the outcomes; just do the things today that create a better tomorrow.  And enjoy!

Matthew 10:1-15

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