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Monday, July 07 2014

Encouraging Word from Pastor Thomas


Instead of focusing on how you got to where you are, you've got to shift your attention to where you'd rather be.
— Danielle LaPorte

Good morning, friends!  It seems like forever since we connected.  If you remember I was on vacation last week.  For some reason the theme song from "Welcome Back, Kotter" has been on my mind this morning!

I came across this quote while on vacation, and clearly I love it.  But how often do I live it?  How often do you live it?  One of the momentary experiences of children is that blink of time when a child has learned to comfortably walk backwards.  Each of my children had this moment, and for a moment would entertain my wife and me by walking backwards in some public place.  Yet never were they sufficiently courageous to do the backwards walk without the corner of one eye straining to look forward.  I can still see that crab-like action from each of them.  Why the over-the-shoulder look?  Because bad things are sure to happen when we walk backwards.  Have you ever noticed that there are no Olympic track events that move backwards?  No 100m backwards run.  No 10K backwards run.  No backwards marathon.  Why?  Because it is awkward, ungainly, and dangerous.  Our bodies weren't developed to move backwards for any distance.  So why do we live our lives in the forward direction looking backwards?  There's too much psychology in that question for me to handle, but I can remind you that success in life is possible when we move forward looking forward.  What are the benefits of forward/forward movement?  Intention, anticipation, expectation, preparation, clarity, reality, and so much more.  How are you moving through life?  Is there a disconnect between your direction and your attention?  What can you do to align yourself?  Most importantly, where would you like to go, and how can you get there?  I'm sure you have a dream, a desired destination, and I know you have the will and ability to get there!  Now get going!  And have a great week.

Luke 9:51-55

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