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Monday, May 05 2014

Encouraging Word from Pastor Thomas

All you can change is yourself, but sometimes that changes everything!

Happy Monday to you, friends!  I can never assume that the weather draping me is what anyone else is experiencing, so I must hope you have the beautiful, warm sunshine with which I am blessed this morning.

My wife has been to Disney World many times, most of them as a chaperone for band trips.  Me?  Only four times, and those quite brief.  One ride I have yet to ride but heard much about is Tower of Terror.  I hope to ride it next time I go.  Sadly many persons ride a tower of terror every day and that ride is called "change".  Change is all around us, even within us, and it scares many of us.  Employment, family, health, relationships, just to name a few, are some of the changes we confront every day.  It is a miserable feeling to feel helpless in the face of change.  Miserable, but are we in fact helpless?  While in fact we typically can do nothing to influence the change happening "to" us, or "around" us, we can completely affect the change happening "within" us.  Specifically today I'd like to remind you of your focus.  Fear of change is often related to a misplaced focus; when we allow our joy, happiness, peace, etc, to be located outside ourselves we surrender ourselves to fear in the whims of change.  Yet when we reclaim our focus, drawing our perspectives back to ourselves, we find ourselves changing for the better, and becoming masters, so to speak, of the change happening all around us.  And when we change ourselves by reclaiming ourselves, we find that our experience with everything beyond ourselves does, in fact, change for the better, too!

Another Disney story.  When we took one of our sons to Disney when he was 6 for a couple of days we tried to get him on a simple roller coaster.  He was petrified.  The park was incredibly empty, so we were alone on the ramp to the ride.  He clung to the rail, screamed, cried, flopped.  I asked him, "Do you honestly think your mother and I would so something that would hurt you this badly?  Don't you trust us?"  It was the loudest, "NO!" I've ever heard.  We prevailed, he survived, and we couldn't keep him off of roller coasters the rest of the trip.  Seems like a parable for change to me.  How about you?  Are you willing to reclaim yourself?  Aren't you tired of the tower of terror?  I'll bet you are, as I am too, so together let's rescue ourselves, our focus, and reclaim what has always been ours to begin with.  I have faith you can do it!  Have a great week.

Matthew 8:23-27

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