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Monday, March 24 2014

Encouraging Word from Pastor Thomas

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars and to change the world.

Greetings, friends!  Happy Monday to you, and I pray your week has started with a joyful bang.  Let's keep it going.

Do you remember the story of Harriet Tubman, she of the Underground Railroad from the Civil War days?  If you're looking for a paradigm of hope, she's a good choice.  Though this quote has surely experienced the sanitation of memories through the ages, it maintains a powerful remnant of truth.  Do you dream?  Not everyone does, but I have always dreamed.  Most of my dreams are of the inadequacy sort but occasionally I have a victory dream.  All of those dreams are the ones with my eyes closed and my mind at rest.  Do you dream with your eyes open and your mind engaged?  Everyone does that, but fleshing out those dreams and giving them life and a chance of success are uncommon indeed.  We have hints of our "eyes open" dreams when we feel frustration and imagine better, or when we daydream of success, or we recall lost opportunities that make us sad.  With these and many more experiences, we dream with eyes wide open.  What do you do with your "eyes open" dreams?  Do you relegate them to the trash heap?  Do you disrespect them?  Do you see them as insignificant?  Or do you see in them the pathway to greatness, better-ness, real life?  I submit that you want to connect your "eyes open" dreams to the future but the imagined discomfort of change scares you so badly you languish the status quo.  Just like me.  Let's throw off the fear that binds us to mediocrity, and ride the wave of our dreams.  We've been given the vision; let's give the vision the chance!  Can you do it?  I have absolute faith you can, and prayer that you will.  Get to it!  And have a blessed week.

Joel 2:28-29

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