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Monday, March 17 2014

Encouraging Word from Pastor Thomas

Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good.

Good morning friends!  Happy St. Patrick's Day, or Beginning of March Madness Day, or 3 Days Until the Vernal Equinox Day!  Whatever today is for you, I hope it is a great day.

I chose our quote today with March Madness in mind.  It parallels a quote my wife, a music teacher, has taught me: practice doesn't make perfect; practice makes permanent.  Once you understand the benefits and purpose of practice it makes really clear the need to be intentional about the focus of practice.  Did you know you are practicing something right now?  You are.  Maybe it's reading your e-mail for the 5th time today, or sitting down, or surfing the net, or avoiding important work, or something else, but whatever you are doing is practice.  Everything is practice.  So why not practice things that benefit life, affirm life, and sustain life?  I've long been fascinated by the connection between practice and momentum.  Newton first taught us about objects in motion and rest, and the forces required to change those states.  When we think of our lives as being in motion in certain directions, knowing the forces it will take to change those directions, shouldn't we be intentional about the directions we start and maintain?  So today you will have infinite opportunities to either practice what you're doing or something new; you will have infinite chances to choose the momentum of your life.  A better life can be as simple as taking one new step in a new direction.  What will you practice today?  What will become permanent for you today?  What intentional choice will you make today?  I know it will be a good one!  Have a blessed and wonderful week!

Matthew 21:28-30

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