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Monday, March 03 2014
Encouraging Word from Pastor Thomas

EVERYONE makes mistakes... If you can't forgive others, don't expect others to forgive you. ― Eric Handler

Good Monday morning, friends!  How about this weather, huh?  Springtime yesterday, sleet today.  Go figure.

The quote I chose for today came to me this past weekend and it hit me pretty hard.  I'm as aware as anybody what Jesus and the Bible have to say about forgiveness, and I believe every word of it, but the way this quote puts things is unique and important.  Too often in our thoughts of forgiveness we are focused on our perceived faults of other persons.  We think that forgiveness is primarily an outward focused activity.  Experience has taught me that forgiveness is a layer of life that touches every area of our lives.  For example, as this quote reminds us, we all make mistakes, not just in the past but also in the present and the future.  We are mistake-making people.  To deny that reality is to live in a make believe world.  So how do you forgive yourself?  How would your life be different if you could just forgive yourself for making your own mistakes?  And if you saw yourself honestly, as a mistake maker, would that help you forgive other persons for their mistakes, to see them in a brotherly or sisterly way?  I suspect most of the non-forgiveness activity in our world stems from an inability to forgive ourselves.  We judge in other persons that which we abhor about ourselves.  Perhaps living faithfully begins with living honestly with ourselves.  How honest are you with yourself?  Trust me: when you become more honest with yourself, and learn to forgive yourself, you will learn that it's much easier to forgive other persons.  In fact it becomes a joy to forgive other persons once you understand the freedom of forgiveness.  And then you will experience another level of freedom as other persons begin to forgive you.  But it all begins with seeing yourself honestly, and forgiving yourself.  Can you do it?  Do you want to?  Wouldn't it be great?  It will, and I have faith you do.  Blessings to you.

Matthew 6:12

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