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Monday, January 18 2021

“If you’re not doing it, it’s not a priority.”



Good morning, friends, and happy Monday!  Maybe you have the day off, maybe you don’t, to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Day.  Whatever is your day, I hope it is going well.  Let’s get to it.


My wife and I each would like to lose a little weight.  Or maybe a lot.  Each of us knows that we carry unhealthy weight that we would be much better off without.  So we scheme.  We talk.  We plan.  We do a lot of things that seem productive, but at any measurement time we are still where we were.  In other words, we haven’t “done” anything about it.  Not really.  Why?  Because despite our words it clearly isn’t a priority.


Priorities are a fascinating topic to me.  We speak of priorities like tokens of honor.  It’s kind of like the way we celebrate our “busy-ness” these days.  We celebrate our swamped schedules and lack of time but lament that little if anything changes.  Something doesn’t add up.  It’s the same with priorities.  I think it is that we confuse “important” with “priorities”. 


Were I to ask you to list the things in your life that are important to you I suspect you could create a significant list.  So could I.  But somehow we think of that “important” list as our priorities, even if we do nothing about the majority of the list.


A quick illustration.  I once was part of an organization that had a problem.  It wasn’t a mission-critical problem, but was a need none the less.  At every leadership meeting for two years we discussed that problem, in detail and often repeating prior conversations.  But at no meeting did anyone leave with an action item to do anything about it.  It stunned and frustrated me.  Everyone was proud to call it a priority and it seemed productive to talk about it, but nothing ever happened.  In short, it wasn’t a priority at all.


Going back to your “important” list, take two looks.  One, which ones are you doing anything productive about.  That’s good.  And two, which ones can you reasonably do anything productive about.  That’s good, too, but only if you get to work.  The rest?  Don’t give so much thought to them.   Don’t forget them, but focus on your priorities, the action items that matter.  And there you will see success.  I have great faith in you!  Have a wonderful week.


Matthew 21:28-32

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Monday, January 11 2021

“Absurd times call for absurd amounts of love.”

Brad Montague


Good afternoon, friends.  It’s me, Pastor Thomas.  I hope you haven’t forgotten me.  After years of this (mostly) weekly ministry the past month has been a mess.  First, my COVID positive test, then a week later my wife’s positive test, then my grandmother’s death (at 109), then a New Year’s out of town.  I’m not making excuses, merely trying to express my exasperation.  Hopefully, things will return to a respectable rhythm.  Anyway, let’s try to get to it.


Speaking of respectable rhythms, would anyone say that 2021 has begun in a way you would like to continue?  I dare say I would get no takers.  The uptick in the COVID spread and the chaos in the Capital caused this start of the year to be as crazy and absurd as one could imagine.  Every day seems to bring some kind of new absurdity.  But here we are.


Many among us are like deer; we freeze when shocked or surprised.  I have no judgement for “freezers”; sometimes I do, too.  But what I find to be consistent is that shocks and surprises that freeze is are typically of the negative sort: 9/11, Oklahoma City, Pearl Harbor, COVID, heart attacks, death of loved ones, etc., etc., etc.  You know what I mean.  Big, bad things happen and we are shocked.  The absurdity of the moment imbalances our inner ears of action.  “What to do?”


Montague reminds us that the best action in absurd times (which surely describe our current times) is an absurd amount of love.  It would take more space and time than I have to give today, but simply asked, does anyone think more negativity, anger and hate like we’ve seen recently will help?  I sure don’t.  None of us can love effectively outside of our spheres of influence, but in our spheres we can love abundantly and absurdly.  And make huge differences. 


These are absurd times, for sure.  But don’t freeze, and don’t resort to negative thoughts and/or behaviors.  Trust the eternal truth: love is the answer.  And go big!  Have a wonderful week!


Matthew 5:38-48

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