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Monday, April 01 2019

“Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.”

Darren Hardy

Every challenge you’ve ever faced consisted of certain points.  There is an initial point of awareness, followed by either a point of courage or of fear.  There are points of flagging strength and of renewed energy.  There is the wonderful point when success is all but guaranteed.  There is a point of jubilation when success is achieved.  But when the challenge is great somewhere near the beginning is a point of wishing it were just a bit, or a lot, easier.  And that’s a bad point.

Each of my three children participates in a school band; they are their mom’s kids for sure.  Early on in their journeys with a clarinet (later bassoon), a French horn, and a saxophone each child wished playing those darn instruments was just a bit (or a lot) easier.  My wife, a school band teacher, assured them that “easy” was achieved with 15 minutes of practice every day, seven days per week, for a few years and beyond.  In other words, easy came with a commitment to get better.  Sometimes they listen, other times they don’t, but every day they learn that mom was correct.

Now how about you?  What challenges do you face?  Some challenges are given to us by genetics, past choices, bosses, neighborhoods, faith, etc, and other challenges are willingly chosen.  In the mix we might have weight issues, time demands, love problems, and a desire to learn a new skill.  Some challenges are huge and others small; think work deadline vs. a new reading habit.  You have plenty of challenges and none of them, I repeat, none of them will get easier in and of themselves.  The only path to “easy” is with a commitment to get better.

* How can you get better in your health efforts?

* How can you get better in your work habits?

* How can you get better in your faith practices?

* How can you get better in your life routines?

Consider your challenges like a desire to lift weights (if that suggestion seems absurd to you please stop laughing and play along for a moment).  The first time you pick up that weight, if it is appropriately selected, it will seem heavy.  It should, or it isn’t a challenge.  It may not seem “easier” the second time, third, fourth, or even tenth time, but eventually, with effort and commitment it will.  Now apply that idea to every challenge you have.  There are steps you can take to get better and if you take them enough it will get easier.  In fact, you can even learn to play an instrument!  Or you can succeed at whatever challenges you face if you are willing to pay the price to get better.  Give it a try, be patient with yourself, and keep up the steps to “better”.  “Easy” will follow in due time.  Blessings, and have a wonderful week.

Philemon (the whole book; it’s only one chapter…)

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