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Monday, May 21 2018

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Monday, May 14 2018

“You will never get enough of that which you don’t need.”

(I cannot remember the source.)

Good morning, friends!  To any mothers in the group, a belated “happy mother’s day” to you.  And to the rest of you, happy Monday!  Let’s get to it.

Years ago I was standing in a seaside shop in southern India bartering with the shop owner over a small piece of fabric art.  It was a needlework item, about two feet by three feet, and it displayed 26 blocks with pictures and letters of the English alphabet.  And it was in color.  Back down the street I had seen a very similar item except that it was mono-color.  The current shop owner was bartering high; I was bartering low, just above the cost of the mono-color one.  The owner was experienced and might have seen me as a novice.  He extolled and clarified all the virtues of the color mat, berating the mono-color one, barely yielding a rupee.  When I turned to leave he pushed the “want” angle, to which I replied, “Perhaps, but I don’t need it.  The mono-color one will do.”  He dropped to my price and I left with his mat.

“Need” and “want”.  How many times do we conflate those two words, creating a lifestyle of a constant pursuit of “wants” disguised as “needs”?  Perhaps more than any of us would like to admit.  Perhaps it’s the “new” this, or the “more of” that, or the “better” something else.  I’m not telling you how to live your life but I would ask you to examine it for yourself.  Do you have any pursuits that never seem to be satisfied for more than but a moment?  When I examine my own life I see how a lifetime drive for “wants” has perversely robbed me of many joys.  Moments that could have been wonderful have been overlooked because of unsatisfied wants, even if yesterday’s want had been met with only tomorrow’s want unfulfilled.  It is a never-ending chase.

·   Perhaps your want is a lifestyle.

·   Perhaps your want is resources.

·   Perhaps your want is image.

·   Perhaps your want is achievement.

·   Perhaps your want is something else.

Not every desire and/or goal is negative, not at all.  But neither is every one necessary.   A key to a healthy life is to be very clear on one’s needs and very selective on one’s wants.  Needs are very demanding while wants are very driving.  If you become consumed by the pursuit of wants your needs will fight back.  Control your wants; walk out if you need to.  Essentially, be in control of yourself.  You’ll thank yourself soon enough.  I'm thankful for you, too!  Have a wonderful week.

Matthew 6:25-34

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Monday, May 07 2018

“If there's a single lesson that life teaches us, it's that wishing doesn't make it so.”

Lev Grossman

Good morning, friends!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are ready for great things this week.  Who am I to hold you back?  Let’s get to it!

On a recent morning ride to school my son asked me an interesting question: do baby kittens come into the world with all the skills they need for life?  I surmised that kittens are like most other mammals, starting with basic skills but needing parents to guide them to more nuanced life skills.  Think about the nuanced life skills you’ve learned along the way.  I can recall many, many, many, and in fact continue to learn many important life truths long after I’m free from a parental umbrella.  One of the early skills learned is that action, not dreams, is required for success.

If you think back to the dreams you had as a child I’ll bet you had more than a few.  The classics of policeman, fireman, etc. (yes, I know, I know, I’m exposing my male-centric childhood thinking and I apologize…) didn’t come true for me, not because they couldn’t but simply because I didn’t try.  Wishes and dreams are important but the only ones that have any chance at all of eventuating are the ones for which you work.  The fact is that you are working for something and chances are it’s not your dream or wish.  Somehow, and for some cruddy reasons, we disconnect the precious energy we have from the wishes and dreams that nourish our hearts.  Like sunshine for the plant the only hope of life for your wishes is a constant feeding of your precious energy.

·          Would you like to be a bit healthier?  Feed that wish some energy.

·          Would you like to have more and better relationships?  Feed that wish some energy.

·          Would you like better financial outcomes?  Feed that wish some energy.

·          Would you like more freedom?  Feed that wish some energy.

It’s hard to think about wishes in mid- or later life because they might remind us of deep disappointments.  But at all stages of life we think a little forward and craft some wishes.  However forward yours are… are you ready to invest a little (or a lot) of energy?  Nothing else will get you there.  Life teaches us that lesson pretty quickly, and to kittens, too.  Get to it, dreamers and doers!  And have a great week.

Matthew 28:16-20

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