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Monday, September 25 2017

“Saying, ‘Well, I’m waiting for the next job to do my best work’ is the worst trap.  If you say, ‘The current job I have is everything I ever wanted,’ life becomes just so much more straightforward.”

Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO

Good morning, friends!  Monday mornings can be the pits or the best, depending on your attitude.  Let’s start it off well so you can get going to the top!  Let’s do it!

Waiting.  Have you ever caught yourself waiting for something better to come along?  This job is OK but the next one, that’s the one I want.  This house, car, friend, vacation, party, anything, it’s OK, but the next one is the real one.  How many “anythings” have you wasted?  How much time have you wasted waiting for the “real” one?  If you’re like me at all, probably a lot.

You’re somewhere in life right now.  You’re with someone(s) right now.  Everything for you is in the now but are you in the now?  Not if you’re waiting for the next thing.  If you’re waiting you’re wasting the now and how many nows do you have?  How many nows are you willing to wager on an uncertain tomorrow?

Satya Nadella has an interesting life story; he wasn’t born Microsoft CEO nor particularly welcome to the roll.  What he has done in his life is pour himself into every role he has encountered.  He made the best of every “now”, milked every “now” for all it was worth.  Had none of his promotions ever come he says he would have been perfectly happy succeeding where he was.  Can you be perfectly happy succeeding where you are right now?  If not you probably won’t be happy in/with the next one either?

·          How can you change from waiting to enjoying and investing?

·          What do you need to see the good in the now?

·          When will you be at peace with the now?

I suspect there are a lot of us trying to live in two times: tomorrow and today.  There’s nothing wrong with preparing for tomorrow, yet still today is all there is.  Can you be today?  I’ll bet you can!  I have much faith in you.  Have a wonderful week.

Matthew 26:36-39

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Monday, September 18 2017

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