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Monday, April 24 2017

“You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

Zig Ziglar


Good morning, friends!  I hope your Monday has started well; it’s raining in my town, rained all night, and I’m pretty sure I saw one of Noah’s doves on my birdfeeder this morning.  Good luck to him, and let’s get going!


I want to be a little transparent today and share a family story.  It speaks to the point.  My three kids are all budding musicians following in the footsteps of their mom.  My wife is very talented.  One child is an obvious talent burdened early with “potential”.  This child rides the easy train.  Another child sees effort as too hard and accepts mediocrity.  And the last child wants excellence, even greatness, and works like the dickens for it.  Each child sees success through unique eyes, kind of like you and me.


At some point in your life there was a dream.  It was a powerful dream of who you wanted to be and likely developed sometime in your youth.  With which eyes did you see your dream, or, on which train did you ride towards your dream?  You’ve rationalized it by now but did you even ever give it a chance?  Did you start with it, work it, give it all you had and accept nothing less than achievement?  Me neither…


Maybe you learned a lesson from that first effort to be a success and now you’re doing better.  Maybe you didn’t.  It doesn’t matter.  What matters is, “Have you yet learned the lesson so you can start today to be the success you want?”  As Ziglar says it doesn’t matter what you are today; what matters is are you willing to start today to be what you want to be.  This is a hard life lesson that many of us never learn, but if you know anyone who is a success then they learned it sometime in their life.  If it hasn’t happened yet then let today be that “sometime” for you.  Don’t minimize, rationalize or sacrifice your new dream.  Work for it!  A dream hangs in the balance.  Have a wonderful week!


Matthew 4:18-22

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