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Monday, February 27 2017
Pastor Thomas' Encouraging Word for Monday, February 27, 2017
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Monday, February 20 2017

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Monday, February 13 2017
“We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Good morning, friends!  I hope your weekend, whether warm or chilly or down right cold, was somehow a blessing to you.  We must make the best of things, you know?  Let’s get to it!
Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  If you have a spouse, special friend or partner and have forgotten be warned.  It’s a special day!  I can’t tell you how to celebrate it but I urge you to celebrate your spouse, special friend or partner and anybody else in your life with whom your connection is love.  Just do it.
Goethe, one of the greatest philosophers ever known, hits the nail on the head with power in today’s quote.  I can’t tell you how many times I fall into the trap of thinking that any love I show is a gift to someone.  It seems so modern to think that if I’m loving “that person” then somehow I’m doing them a favor, giving them a blessing, poignantly sacrificing my precious self for “them”.  Have you ever felt that way?  It’s the dangerous road to viewing love as power.
Goethe sees love quite differently.  Imagine if everything that you love (person, place, thing, attitude, emotion…everything) was each an article of clothing that must be worn every day.  Whatever was true about the object of love would be worn on you for everyone to see.  Some of the clothes would be beautiful and of the greatest quality.  Some would be shabby; others would be trash worthy and still some, hopefully not too much, would be downright ugly and offensive.  We would try to hide the less attractive clothes but occasionally they would be seen.  And we can’t take them off.  That’s what love does to us; it shapes, fashions and makes us.
If you’ve been thinking only about people, think again.  It’s just as easy to love money, stuff, power, anger, image, etc.  I could tell you to be careful with what you love but what good would that do?  My best suggestion is to be aware of what you love and what it’s doing to you.  Whatever you go to time after time is now more a part of you than you can imagine.  Take stock and take control.  Love is great, perhaps the greatest thing of all and it comes with a price.  Pay yours carefully.  Happy Valentine’s Day, friends, and have a great week!
Luke 19:1-10
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Monday, February 06 2017

“Life is short, fragile and does not wait for anyone. There will never be a perfect time to pursue your dreams and goals other than right now.”

Rachael Bermingham


Good morning, friends.  I hope you are all well today.  The doctor told me this morning that I’m good for another year.  Here’s hoping!  Now, let’s get to it.


Two events of the past week in my own circle of relationships have reminded me of the spontaneity of life.  One friend from my earliest childhood died immediately of a heart attack.  Another friend from recent years faces imminent death from a here-to-fore unknown brain tumor.  Each of these events have shocked me and caused me to wonder in deep ways, “What am I to make these events?  What lessons am I to learn from the extreme misfortune of my friends?”


In our home we have a well-worked out understanding of sweets and treats: no savesies.  What that means is that, let’s say we have cupcakes.  None of them have names on them and therefore belong to no one.  If you don’t eat “yours” now there’s no guaranteeing it will be here later.  Many a tear has been shed, but fewer with growing maturity, over the last cupcake / cake or pie slice / brownie, etc.  No savesies; eat it now or risk losing it.  “No savesies” seems more to me now like a reasonable life lesson.  What are you risking with saving that you may never get to enjoy?


I wish life were as simple as “blow it all now or risk saving it for later.”  I’m not suggesting binary simplicity.  But I see (and experience) so much timidity, lost dreams, and faded blessings that I think something is out of balance.  Don’t cash in your retirement funds to live for a couple of years in Bora Bora.  Don’t blow everything you have on one spin of a roulette wheel.  Be reasonable, yet at the same time don’t waste the life and energy you have today because you think everything will be better tomorrow.  My friends don’t have any more tomorrows and both of them thought they had a bunch of them.  Take a chance today.  Treat yourself once in a while.  Be outrageous every now and then.  Don’t let your life pass you by with too many cupcakes molding in the cabinet, victims of “savesies”.  Eat the cupcake today and enjoy the life you have now.  I truly think we would all enjoy a better life if we actually lived a little.  Give it a try, and have a great, great week.


Matthew 6:25-34

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