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Monday, September 26 2016

“Nothing is more certain than the defeat of a person who gives up.”

George Sheehan

 Good morning, friends!  I hope you’ve gotten your week off to a great start.  Let’s see if I can help you with a two-fer!

 I’ve been on a scheduled health routine since July 1, walking and exercising.  Friday morning I exercised as scheduled but Saturday I was at an out of town wedding as the minister so I didn’t walk, then Sunday I was so tired I didn’t exercise.  This was the first two day miss since I began the effort.  Today, I knew, was the tipping point.  What would I do?

 The alarm went off at 5:45.  “I’m tired.” said the voice in my head.  “Get 30 more minutes of sleep.”  At 5:50 the battle was on.  The inner voice was clamoring for sleep while my rational voice was recalling the better feelings of a great walk.  It was a royal battle, the outcome very uncertain.  At 5:55 I slung back the covers and started preparing to walk.  Put on the stuff, wipe the sleepy from my eyes, and out the door…into the gentle drizzle.

 My point?  It’s easy to quit, to give in, to give up, to stop, to yield to excuses.  No doubt about it we can create momentum that leads 

to nothing.  But there is nothing worth achieving that is easy or without cost and if you enjoy the journey it is all the better.  Whatever your “thing” is for health, betterment, improvement, success, don’t give up today for any reason.  The voice inside your head is no friend; train it to respond “Keep going!”  And while your success isn’t certain, don’t take the only certain route available to you.  Every step is a success all its own.  Now get moving or doing or whatever it is you want to do!  And have a great week!


John 5:1-9

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Monday, September 19 2016

"You don't stop moving because you're aging; you start aging when you stop moving." 
Dr. Eddie Phillips, WBUR, "The Magic Pill podcast"


Good morning, friends!  I hope your week has started as great as mine.  I had a great walk this morning before work and I feel great.  I hope you found a way to start the week great, too.  Let’s get to it.


As a minister I’ve had plenty of opportunity to witness the aging process first hand, ways that I never had as a layperson.  And for so long I thought age was the master of moving, that is until I thought about my grandmother.  My grandmother is 105 years young.  At a recent doctor visit she was pronounced to have the best heart, circulation, cardiovascular system, and everything else of everybody in the room.  The doctors were amazed and astounded but not those of us who know her.


Five years ago, when grandma was a sprite 100, she still push mowed her lawn.  She frequently raked her yard.  She did anything and everything she wanted.  And because of that movement she was a marvel for a century.  Now, I know grandma is an anomaly; not everyone can be so blessed.  But everyone can make the most of their own opportunities.  We all can move a little more, do a little more, be active a little more, and fight off that monster called “Aging Downhill Trend”.


During my ministry work I’ve seen way too many a person begin a premature downhill trend beginning the day they stopped moving.  I’m now informed and more importantly influenced.  How about you?  Any movement counts; all movement counts.  Increased movement is better.  So what do you need to get moving?  More knowledge?  More time?  Or just more commitment?  I encourage you to move, move and move some more.  Be the aging marvel in your time and space.  And I hope to be a marvel with you even if we don’t make 100!  Let’s get moving!  And have a great week!

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Monday, September 12 2016
Good morning, friends!  Did you have great success at something this weekend?  Did you attempt it?  Make sure you do this week!  Let’s get started.


I’ve never been much of a nocturnal dreamer.  I’ve had my dreams, for sure, but not as a regular occurrence.  Mostly I sleep soundly and quietly so I love hearing stories of my childrens’ dreams.  This morning Eli told me about his dream last night, a nightmare so horrendous he carried the pain into the morning.  I comforted him and promised to help him head to bed more sweetly tonight.


I find that two types of dreams are the dominant drivers in the lives of people stuck in patterns of failure.  The first is a dream that the future is going to be terrible, that some difficult fate awaits, so any action today is futile.  The only success I’ve ever had impacting the future is by positive steps, choices and actions today.  The further out “tomorrow” gets the greater the need for commitment today.


The second dream that seems to enslave people is what I call the “marshmallow wall” dream.  Most obstacles we imagine to our desired successes are often, and perhaps mostly so, walls made of marshmallows, easily overcome with the slightest of efforts.  The obstacles appears big and solid but even the least efforts can overcome them.


I have no doubt that you have hopes and/or desires for tomorrow.  Are your dreams derailing your success… not nocturnal dreams but wide awake dreams of anticipated defeat or marshmallow walls?  Success is a journey that begins today.  Whatever tomorrow holds for you needs bit of water on the seed today.  What effort, challenge or step will you take today?  Tomorrow will tell the tale.  Get to it, and have a great week!


Acts 16:16-40

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