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Monday, November 28 2016

Good chilly morning, friends!  I hope your week last was a joy to you and no one saw you as the turkey!  Life for turkeys is pretty short.  Let’s keep ours going.


There seems to be conflicting thought on goals these days, or perhaps I’m just reading too much about them.  One camp says that goals de-motivate and should be avoided while the other more orthodox camp says goals motivate if properly formed.  There I see the rub.  What is the foundation of your goals?


To wit: eight long years ago I made the first turn in my life towards health but my turn was out of fear.  I was overweight and worried about the consequences.  Soon enough I learned that fear of “what might happen” was not sufficient to motivate me to do “what must happen”.  After a while I determined that I was exercising to invest in the 80-year-old me to come.  This second motivation quickly wore off.  My foundations were made of sand.  Today I exercise because it’s the right thing for today and it makes today the best it can be.  Any day I consider slacking off I remember that the quality of my day hangs in the balance.  That’s positive foundation and true motivation!


But this encouragement is never about me; it’s always about you even when I am the patsy.  What are the foundations of your goals?  If your goal foundation is fear-based think about it again.  It takes time and effort to create healthy goals, ones based on hopes and positivity.  All experts agree that positive, hopeful goals work.  Work on yours!  Will you change?  Improve?  Achieve?  Maintain?  Who knows, but only your positive hopes will get you there if there is worth going to.  Now get going!  And have a great week.


1 Kings 19:9-18


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Monday, November 21 2016

"Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you'll be criticized anyway."

Eleanor Roosevelt


Good morning, friends!  Was it frosty when you got up this morning?  Boo chilly where I am!  It must be Thanksgiving!  Let’s get to it.


Making decisions is hard.  I know, and I’m a trained decision maker.  Although we tend to think that all decisions are “yes or no” or “right or wrong” in fact most decisions have more flavor and nuance.  Imagine, for example, making decisions with incomplete and imperfect information.  No fun, that’s for sure.


But what if the decision is yours to make, all yours, and your information is complete and perfect and your direction is clear?  Seems simple enough, right?  Perhaps it’s a simple “yes or no” or “right or wrong” and the choice is clear.  Anybody can do that, right?  Yet then comes the greatest challenge of all to decision making: peer pressure.  What will “somebody” think, or say, or do if I make “that” decision?  Peer pressure isn’t just a kid’s game; it affects all of us.


I don’t think First Lady Roosevelt is suggesting we live in isolation.  Who could imagine making decisions without consideration for their family?  Her wisdom seems to suggest we not cast the peer pressure net too widely.  Decision making is hard but it becomes exponentially harder when we bring too many interests and perspectives to bear.  Trust yourself.  Trust your instincts.  Trust your heart.  Make your decision with your small net in mind, and then take action.  There’s nothing you can do about the attitudes outside your net.


What decisions are you hesitating on because of peer pressure?  Which ones are clear inside your net but cloudy outside the net?  Make your decisions; action is what you need.  And you’ll get no criticism from me!  Happy Thanksgiving, friends, and have a wonderful week.


John 5:1-15

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Monday, November 14 2016
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