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Monday, July 28 2014

Encouraging Word from Pastor Thomas

No one is coming to rescue you, but when you make small changes to pivot toward the positive, you can rescue yourself.

- Chris Freytag

Good morning, friends!  I hope you are off to a great start to your week.  Let’s all begin well.

As to the quote, let’s not be confused.  I’m talking about the here and now; the word in the quote is “rescue”, not “save”.  Now we’re clear.  The image of a rescuer in our culture is strong, a hope for someone to “fix” us or our situation.  I think the roots of the rescuer image rest in desire to make someone else responsible, to defer our own responsibility, to create an object of blame. Deflecting responsibility compares to a sugar diet; it satisfies a desire for the moment but comes with dangerous side effects.  More accurately we are all responsible for ourselves.  We may have support, but responsibility cannot be deflected.  When we find ourselves down or defeated a dream of a rescuer is no help.  Help begins with a good decision, a good action and a positive movement. When we couple that first good effort with a second one, and then a third one, we find ourselves with momentum that can be our rescue.  It all begins not with a rescue, but with that first, or next, good effort.  What area of your life needs one good effort?  What situation of yours could use momentum towards a rescue?  Don’t wait for a rescuer that isn’t going to come.  Get busy and rescue yourself, with good decisions, good actions and positive momentum.  Invest in yourself this way, and enjoy the new and improved you!  I will pray for your courage to begin, and know you have what it takes to make it happen.  Have a wonderful week.

1 Kings 19:9b-13

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Monday, July 21 2014

Encouraging Word from Pastor Thomas

A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world. Everyone you meet is your mirror.
— Ken Keys

Good morning, friends!  It's the next to the last Monday in July; can you believe it?  Time marches on, for sure.

As a minister, one effective way to think of my personal "business" is that I'm in the moving business.  I move too frequently to ever think I'm in a settled business.  And just this weekend I thought about the differences among the many neighbors Kim and I have had.  It was easy to pigeon hole my current and former neighbors, but then I was horrified to think: how would they pigeon hole me???  I quickly put the thought out of my head out of fear of reality.  The quote for this week reminds us that we have more control over our reality than we might imagine.  The quote makes me wonder: are we primarily receptors of culture or projectors of culture?  At our best we should be projectors of culture, projecting the very kind of environment in which we choose to live.  Do you remember how, as a child, you may have been fascinated to learn how magnets attract on one side and repel on the other?  To a great degree we are all like magnets.  Whatever we project we will attract, and at the same time we will repel the opposite of what we project.  Do you see and feel love all around you?  Or is your current experience less than loving, perhaps even as extreme as hostile?  Whichever it is, it is not by chance or accident; it is intentionally a reflection of whatever you are projecting.  What culture would you prefer?  What surroundings would you like?  In which would would you like to live?  How would you like to be pigeon holed?  The choice truly is up to you, and I have great faith you want all good things.  So go out and project all good things!  And remember I'm in your corner.  Have a great week.

Matthew 6:22-23


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Monday, July 14 2014

Encouraging Word from Pastor Thomas


Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand-and melting like a snowflake.
— Francis Bacon, Sr.

Good morning, friends!  I hope your Monday has started less with a bang and more with a "wow!"  

I recently procured a series of articles on procrastination.  We are all procrastinators to some degree.  Why we procrastinate and what we avoid are important matters, but equally important is the determination to be of action when we can be.  Not every experience in life confronts us with the same awareness of time.  When I was in school, for example, the hourglass sand seemed to be stuck.  Yet now that I have children the hourglass seems to be filled with water.  We can do nothing about the hourglass; we can only be intentional about this moment.  The writer of our quote offers the very best image of the fleeting moment we all have: the star in our hand that melts like a snowflake.  It seems to me that the best and most effective use of time, of moments, is to be moving in a positive, intentional direction.  To be sure, not every moment will be maximized, and some even will be wasted, but the greatest waste is to waste them all.  Lift your eyes beyond this moment, scan the horizon of your life, and choose your positive direction.  Then begin laying the path with the stars in your hand toward the destination of your choosing.  Behind you will be drops of moments that melted quickly.  Better that than to have all your moments melt in one place and drown you.  What do you need to break the inaction of your life?  What can help you build positive momentum?  For what are you waiting?  Get going, and remember that I have great faith in you.  Have a wonderful week!

Matthew 9:9

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Monday, July 07 2014

Encouraging Word from Pastor Thomas


Instead of focusing on how you got to where you are, you've got to shift your attention to where you'd rather be.
— Danielle LaPorte

Good morning, friends!  It seems like forever since we connected.  If you remember I was on vacation last week.  For some reason the theme song from "Welcome Back, Kotter" has been on my mind this morning!

I came across this quote while on vacation, and clearly I love it.  But how often do I live it?  How often do you live it?  One of the momentary experiences of children is that blink of time when a child has learned to comfortably walk backwards.  Each of my children had this moment, and for a moment would entertain my wife and me by walking backwards in some public place.  Yet never were they sufficiently courageous to do the backwards walk without the corner of one eye straining to look forward.  I can still see that crab-like action from each of them.  Why the over-the-shoulder look?  Because bad things are sure to happen when we walk backwards.  Have you ever noticed that there are no Olympic track events that move backwards?  No 100m backwards run.  No 10K backwards run.  No backwards marathon.  Why?  Because it is awkward, ungainly, and dangerous.  Our bodies weren't developed to move backwards for any distance.  So why do we live our lives in the forward direction looking backwards?  There's too much psychology in that question for me to handle, but I can remind you that success in life is possible when we move forward looking forward.  What are the benefits of forward/forward movement?  Intention, anticipation, expectation, preparation, clarity, reality, and so much more.  How are you moving through life?  Is there a disconnect between your direction and your attention?  What can you do to align yourself?  Most importantly, where would you like to go, and how can you get there?  I'm sure you have a dream, a desired destination, and I know you have the will and ability to get there!  Now get going!  And have a great week.

Luke 9:51-55

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